Monday, February 23, 2004

Information taken from the "End of Nature" - Bill Mckibben

We are no longer able to thing of ourselves as a species tossed about by larger forces. We are those larger forces...that is what I meant by the 'end of nature.

The most powerful ideology of all is consumerism.

Our oil dependence poses a security threat as well as the environmental one.

Imigrants are part of the solution, not the problem. If you don't like it there is plenty of space elsewhere on the planet.

When we have mastered science allowing us to create life, make planets and bring imortality what differentiates us from god?

"God is dead" - Nietzshe

God never lived.

We, all of us in the first world have participated i nsomething of a binge, a half centuary of unbelieveable prosperity and ease.

What do you do when the past (climate wise) is no longer a guide to the future?

Unless all act together there is little reason to act seperately. - World Watch

Some countries may percieve themselves as potential 'winners' in a climate change.

Even the countries that think they wouldn't mind warming of a degree or two can't endure endless heating.

If the change [climate] is slow enough you can study the problems, determine what the regional impacts will be, and learn how to adjust. - Stephen Schneider