Friday, March 26, 2004

Competition in Society

From an early age competative values are forced onto people. This is done through sports (winning), education (obtaining better grades than you mate). This is bad and in latter life people's competative nature is used to create success at the expense of other people (winners and losers).

Collaboration, team work and sharing should be encouraged, with the problem as the opponent.

"It's not about being right or wrong, it's about working together, sharing information and learning. You asked the question, I answered it. Good team work I'd say. We are both winners, but neither without the other" 1

"Everything is a competition...Evolution is a competition..." 2

Not any more. We have evolved to the top of the food chain. The only competition is against ourselves, which is pointless. We need to move to a post-evolution way of living.

"At present the logic of capital means that an 'advance' has to be implemented whatever its costs, lest a rival company or country develops it first and swamps us with missiles or cheaper consumer goods." 3

1. Rob White, April 2004.
2. James Adams
3. Derek Wall, 1990. Getting There, Green Print.