Sunday, March 21, 2004

Farming, Famine, Feeding the Third World

"There will never be any other industry that can employ as many people as farming". 1

"To be sure, farms need to be run as businesses. The peasant agriculture of Russia was primitively capitalist and worked far better than Stalin's collectives." 1

"The modern business model demands maximum generation of cash and profit, all driven by maximum competition. No one sensible denies that cash is necessary. Profit is not bad per se. Competition is an antidote to complacency. What is wrong is the stress on maximum." 1

Shortfall [of food production] is disastrous, locally and globally, but overproduction runs a close second to it. It leads to a glut. When prices plummet. Consumers might benefit in the short term, but if the farmers go bust, everybody loses in the long run." 1

1. Colin Tudge, March 22 2004, New Statesman.