Friday, March 05, 2004


With selective breeding you are still operating within the confines of nature. With genetic engineering there are no limits.

"The biotech companies are not interested in whether or not science is flourishing or people are starving. They simply want to make money. The best way to make money is to control the market. But before you can control the market, you must first convince the people that there's something else at stake [scientist and researchers leaving the UK, or resolving world hunger]." 1

"This new wonder-crop [Chardon LL T25] is coming to us from the test tubes of Bayer CropScience, and will supposedly only be fed to animals- who luckily for Bayer can't say no!". 2

"Today's GM crops and those in the pipline are not intended primarily to raise total output or quality, but to make it easier to mass-produce crops with minimum labour". 3

"Present day genetically manipulated organisms are not intended primarily to feed people, but to give power to the corporations that develop them." 4

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