Friday, April 30, 2004


Politics isn't about me winning or my party winning, its's about people world wide, and the planet both now and in the future winning.


So far in history no violence or war has ended violence and war!

Do you ever have the right do kill someone?

Have any of the people advocating violent revolution experienced violence first hand?

Resorting to violence shows that you have lost the discussion.

Majority Rule or Individual Rule?

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

"In 1962...Anthony Sampson portrayed this country as governed by a hereditary ruling class, for the most part educated at a few public schools and Oxbridge colleges, cut off from ordinary people and wholly unsuited to wield power in the modern 40 years on...Sampson has produced a new's meritocracy, which is the product and beneficary of that capitalist triumphalism, is enslaved to it money and soul...He used to be quite fond of arguing that the old aristocracy was particulary unfit to govern a modern society precisely because of aristocrats' snobbish contempt for trade. Now he has come round to the view that such ambivalence about money would be the ruling class's saving grace." 1

1. Peregrine Worsthorne, 26 April 2004. In sickness and in wealth.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Virtue Ethics

"One of the classic questions of philosophy is “what should I do?” However, from the earliest times some have argued that this question is less important than the question of what kind of people we should be. If we can become better people, they say, then good actions will follow naturally." 1

1. Rick Lewis, 2004. What is Virtue?

Our thoughts of Freedom are our cage

"As long as we think in terms of freedom, democracy and rights we will remain trapped in some version of our mournful melancolic paradise and continue to engulf others within it" 1

1. DR David Gamez, 2004. Pax Americana.

Potential of the Masses

"A more radical analysis of the potential of the masses is offered by Baudrillard, who suggests that they resist any attempt to control or oppress them through sheer inertia" 1

1. DR David Gamez, 2004. Pax Americana.

Just War and the Spread of Utopia to other Counties

"We can either fix problems with the spread of utopia to other countries, prevent the spread of our utopia to other countries, or give up on the idea that our society has achieved utopia and attempt to resist it...When spreading utopia to other countries using war, the war can only be considered just if a number of conditions are obtained prior to the first intervention:

1. The intervening country has to demonstrate that it has already achieved utopia within its own borders (Sweden or Denark are good examples of this).
2. The invading country has to demonstrate a respectable recent track record in achieving utopia by military force.
3. The intervening country must set out a detailed plan prior to invasion that explains how utopia is giong to be achieved with military force...including number of people likely to be killed...and a timescale foe the reconstruction of the country.
4. The intervening country must set aside a realistic amount of money for the realisation of this plan.
5. The intervening country must consult this plan as far as possible with the citizens who will be affected and with advisors from other countries, the UN, NGOs etc.
6. The intervening country must make a commitment to educate the population in the utopian (capitalist) way of life for as long as it takes to convert them to this way of thinking." 1

1. DR David Gamez, 2004. Pax Americana.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Fair Trade in the UK

"Later this year, the Soil Association will launch an 'ethical trade' certification scheme that will apply fair-trade criteria to British farmers and processors. How much do they contribute to the local community? How fair are the prices that they receive, the contracts that they award or the wages that they pay?" 1

"Supermarkets sell four-fiths of [organic] produce; imports though falling, make up roughly 56 per cnet. As has been noted frequently, food that has been airfrieghted across the globe may be free of chemicals, but it hardly carries a clean bill of environmental health." 1

1. David Nicholson-Lord, April 19, 2004. the food revolution that lost its soul.

Greens and Socialism

"The Green Party's Manifesto for a Sustainable Society incorporates key socialist values. It rejects privatisation, free-market economics and globalisation, and includes commitments to public ownership, worker's rights, economic democracy, progressive taxiation, and the re-distribution of wealth and power. The Greens have produced a re-green synthesis integrating policies for social justice with policies for tackling global warming, envrionmental pollution, resource depletion and species extinction." 1

1. Peter Tatchell, 19 April, 2004. NS Diary.

Labours Environemntal Policy

"The whole thrust of the government's envrionmental policies at present is to minimise their effect on the majority of voters." 1

1. NS Leader, 19 April, 2004. Do they really want to save the world?


There are two types of friendship. Friendship that benefits you (selfish friendship) and friendship that doesn't benifit you (selfless friendship).

Monday, April 19, 2004

National ID Cards

"A national ID card program will actually make us less secure" 1

"Security must be evaluated not based on how it works, but on how it fails" 1

"It will be forged. And even worse, people will get legitimate cards in fraudulent names" 1

"Additionally, any ID system involves people... people who regularly make mistakes" 1

"The main problem with any ID system is that it requires the existence of a database...Such a database would be a kludge of existing databases; databases that are incompatible, full of erroneous data, and unreliable. As computer scientists, we do not know how to keep a database of this magnitude secure, whether from outside hackers or the thousands of insiders authorized to access it...And when the inevitable worms, viruses, or random failures happen and the database goes down, what then? Is America supposed to shut down until it's restored?" 1

"What good would it have been to know the names of Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber, or the DC snipers before they were arrested? Palestinian suicide bombers generally have no history of terrorism. The goal is here is to know someone's intentions, and their identity has very little to do with that." 1

1. Bruce Schneier, April 15, 2004. Crypto-Gram Newsletter.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Animals and Humans

The relationship between a human and an animal is the same as the relationship between a human and an adopted baby.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Free will of Children

"As parents claim the credit if their child succeeds and professionals say there's something wrong with the family if the kids do badly [what are the] implications of not trusting children to exercise free will" 1

1. Suzanne Moore, 12 April 2004. NS Essay.

Slow Food

"By 'slow food'...I mean food that is authentic, that had been grown and prepared using methods that are local, organic and sustainable." 1

1. Eric Schlosser, April 2004. Special report on slow food, The ecologist.

Fast Food

"Fast food is indeed factory food, perhaps the most heavily processed food on the planet, and the low-paid workers who defrost, reheat and reconstitute it have jobs as boring, highly regimented and strictly supervised as the workers in the 19th century textile mill would have had." 1

1 Eric Schlosser, April 2004. Special report on slow food, The ecologist.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Victims Licence

"We must never forget the appalling crimes from which they draw their [victims] licence. But if we really wish to ensure that it 'never happens again', we must judge people by what they do rather than by who they are." 1

1. George Monbiot, 13th April 2004. Victim’s Licence.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Finance Rules Politics

"Financial speculators establish the limits of political action: if a government steps over the political line and "loses the confidence of the markets", the economy collapses, and the government soon follows." 1

1. George Monbiot, 6 April 2004. Jump on our Bandwagon.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Coporate Advertising Tactics

"The sugar industry has learned the tricks of the tobacco industry. Confuse the public. Produce experts who disagree, try to dilute the message, indicate that there are extremists like me involved in public health." 1

These are also the tactics employed by the oil industry.

1. Professor Phillip James, 5 April 2004. Quoted in SchNEWS Issue 448.

Independence of Advertising

Companies shouldn't be allowed to advertise their own products as they are biased. Advertising should be independent. For example the Which? magazine.

Stimulating the Economy

Fashions allow for more products to be sold. They stimulate the economy.

Wars use up your weapons, requiring new ones to be built, stimulating the economy.

Quality verses Quantity

Houses and antiques were built for quality. Their value increases over time.

Most goods today are built for quantity. This has led to a reduction in quality. The value of goods built for quantity decreases over time.

What if everything was built for quality?

The manufacturing, mass production sector would shrink. The repair sector would grow. Repair is labour intensive and more jobs would be created?

Citizen's Income

Share basic needs as a right. Private enterprise can be used for anything else.

The minimum wage works against citizens income.

"If work was that good, the rich would keep it for themselves." - ???

Keynes and Economics

Keynes argued that you need governmet intervention to guide the market.

Keynes proposed a single nation independant currency to replace the gold standard. The dollar standard as a replacement to the gold standard gives the USA an advantage.

Economics is irrational as humans are irrational.

The system doesn't work, but we can make it work.

European Union

The bigger the EU gets the less consensus and more majority voting we get, hence the more unhappy people.

The single currency and European constitution reduce our 'policy space'. That is our ability to make fundamental changes to the way the EU runs.

"Europe...has been a success in almost every respect [socially and culturally] except the political." 1

1. NS leader, 26 April 2004. On Europe, vote, vote and vote again.

Schumacers Law

Wealth obtained from a finite resource must be used to make you independant of that resource.

Using finite resources as income is a recipe for disaster!

Richard Lawsons 3 axioms

1. You cannot expand forever in a finite space.
2. You cannot take forever from a fintite resource.
3. Everything is inter-related.


Basic (primary); air, water, sun, food, shelter, energy, waste disposal.

For a community (secondary); transport, communications, market exchange.

For a bigger community (tertiary); currency, financial services, market.

quaternary; arts, science, philosohphy.

Maslovs hieracy; physiological, safety, love, esteem, self-actualization.

The world should be needs led not finance led.

Ecology and Economy

Ecology is hte place we live, and economics is the management of it.

Funding of Politics

Politics should be funded publicly. This would make it impartial.

Sunday, April 04, 2004


"According to Darwin, the mechanisms of the natural selection are thwarted by human civilization. One of the objectives of civilization is somehow to help the underprivileged ones, therefore to be opposed to the natural selection responsible for extinction of the weakest...Eugenists thus propose to promote actions to balance effects of natural selection mechanism loss within civilizations." 1

1. Wikipedia, April, 2004.

Monetry Reform

"Public credit, as measured by the proportion of publicly created money in circulation, has fallen from 20 per cent. of the money supply in 1964 to three per cent. today...Increasing the proportion of publicly created money should be used to cut the costs of, and to boost the quantity of, public investment...and this can be done without any impact on inflation." 1

"Why should polititians and economists endlessly claim that a carefully calculated supply of publicly-created money would be inflationary, yet, inconsistently, do not extend the same logic to the private banking sector, which creates virtually unlimited quantities of money [through interest baring loans] all of the time." 2

1. Prosperity UK, November 2003. New EDM calls for money reform.
2. EDM 323.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Blair's Labour

"In opposition, new Labour emphasised the need to reinvigorate the relationship between state and citizen. In practice, it has largely accepted the redundancy of political action in favour of economic action. It has convinced itself that in an individualised and consumerist age, the state must remodel citizenship according to market mechanisms. What the citizen should get from state, the government has decided, is the sleek delivery of the private sector. But in trying to consumerize politics, it has pulled the rug from under those who still want to act as citizens and to participate in remaking their political community." 1

"[The government] has, in effect equated economic efficiency with social justice. The state's old role of providing collective insurance against poverty and or misfortune has been usurped by the market. As long as people can find work...they can buy their own protection against old age and short periods of unemployment." 1

"The historic goal of social democracy, to make the markets the servants of the people has been inverted." 1

"find the right balance between market creativity and the protection of the public domain." 1

1. Neal Lawson and Daniel Leighton, 29 MArch 2004, Burn the village to save the village, New Statesman.


"...terrorism is a great leveller...before September 11th 2001, we lived in a world where American buyers of assets could use what amounted to free, manufactured money. The US was not paying for the wealth it was acquiring; it was just swapping worthless loans at the World Bank and the International Monetry Fund for it. When necessary, it sent in troops to grab assets - again virtually free of change...Al-Qaeda is restoring equilibrium to the market place. If the US wants to own Iraqi oilfields, it is going to have to pay real money." 1

1. Max Keiser, 29th March 2004. Letter of the Week, New Statesman.
"It is so much easier to destory and cause havoc. Yet every stone thrown could have been a brick laid." 1

1. Arnold Wesker, 29th March 2004. Diary, New Staesman.


"Marxism offers a classless society in which wealth was owned in common, production was geared towards human need, and the state had 'withered away', allowing for spontaneous harmony and self realization." 1

1. Andrew Hayward, 2002, Politics.

Simultaneous Policy (see

There are certain policies that the government would like to bring in (anti-pollution laws for example, but cannot do so, as it would put the UK at a short term competative disadvantage to countries that don't intorduce similar laws. These policies need to be brought in simultaneously across the world, and then no one is at a disadvantage.

There is a Simultaneous Policy organization, with groups all around the world. Each groups is a block of votes in the particular country. This block of votes will go to any reasonable candidate or party that agrees to the Simulatanesous Policies. The candidate agrees to implement the policies when all or most other countries have also got a party in power that has pleged to implement the Simultaneous Policies.

As far as I can see this will need some sort of global decision making organisation with power to "see through" the implementation of the Simulataneous Policies, so why don't they just go for a single policy that doesn't need to be simulataneous, along the lines of, "we want a democratic global decision making organisation with global power"? This organisation can them come up with the policies.