Wednesday, April 28, 2004

"In 1962...Anthony Sampson portrayed this country as governed by a hereditary ruling class, for the most part educated at a few public schools and Oxbridge colleges, cut off from ordinary people and wholly unsuited to wield power in the modern 40 years on...Sampson has produced a new's meritocracy, which is the product and beneficary of that capitalist triumphalism, is enslaved to it money and soul...He used to be quite fond of arguing that the old aristocracy was particulary unfit to govern a modern society precisely because of aristocrats' snobbish contempt for trade. Now he has come round to the view that such ambivalence about money would be the ruling class's saving grace." 1

1. Peregrine Worsthorne, 26 April 2004. In sickness and in wealth.