Thursday, April 22, 2004

Just War and the Spread of Utopia to other Counties

"We can either fix problems with the spread of utopia to other countries, prevent the spread of our utopia to other countries, or give up on the idea that our society has achieved utopia and attempt to resist it...When spreading utopia to other countries using war, the war can only be considered just if a number of conditions are obtained prior to the first intervention:

1. The intervening country has to demonstrate that it has already achieved utopia within its own borders (Sweden or Denark are good examples of this).
2. The invading country has to demonstrate a respectable recent track record in achieving utopia by military force.
3. The intervening country must set out a detailed plan prior to invasion that explains how utopia is giong to be achieved with military force...including number of people likely to be killed...and a timescale foe the reconstruction of the country.
4. The intervening country must set aside a realistic amount of money for the realisation of this plan.
5. The intervening country must consult this plan as far as possible with the citizens who will be affected and with advisors from other countries, the UN, NGOs etc.
6. The intervening country must make a commitment to educate the population in the utopian (capitalist) way of life for as long as it takes to convert them to this way of thinking." 1

1. DR David Gamez, 2004. Pax Americana.