Thursday, April 01, 2004

Simultaneous Policy (see

There are certain policies that the government would like to bring in (anti-pollution laws for example, but cannot do so, as it would put the UK at a short term competative disadvantage to countries that don't intorduce similar laws. These policies need to be brought in simultaneously across the world, and then no one is at a disadvantage.

There is a Simultaneous Policy organization, with groups all around the world. Each groups is a block of votes in the particular country. This block of votes will go to any reasonable candidate or party that agrees to the Simulatanesous Policies. The candidate agrees to implement the policies when all or most other countries have also got a party in power that has pleged to implement the Simultaneous Policies.

As far as I can see this will need some sort of global decision making organisation with power to "see through" the implementation of the Simulataneous Policies, so why don't they just go for a single policy that doesn't need to be simulataneous, along the lines of, "we want a democratic global decision making organisation with global power"? This organisation can them come up with the policies.