Saturday, June 19, 2004

Contradiction in Conservation

There is a "contracdiction between cultural and ecological conservation" 1. No-one bats an eyelid when curry becomes the national dish of the UK, but it is a disaster when the grey squirrel moves in on the native red.

1. Adrian Rankin, 14 June, 2004. Escape from UKIP, New Statesman.

Trickle Up Economics

"After 'trickle down' (or so the Tories said), in which the more wealth for the rich helped the poor, comes 'trickle up'. If there's less poverty, the rich pay less tax (or so labour says)" 1

1. John Kampfner, 15 June, 2004. Politics, New Statesman.

Israel and Queers

"Israel: stop persecuting Palestine. Palestine: stop persecuting queers" 1

1. Outrage! slogan.

The Third Way

"...the disappearance of socialist utopias, globalisation, the development of a service economy and ageing populations. In the face of these, the First Way - classical social democracy, based largely on Keynesianism and traditional statism - has become largely obsolete. The Second Way - Thatcherism or free market fundamentalism - proved a disasterous alternative. The aim of Third Way thinking - revisionist social democracy - is to create policies for the centre left that respond to these changes." 1

1. Anthony Gidens, 7 June, 2004. Did they foul up my Third Way, New Statesman.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Emotion and Logic

Emotion gets in the way of rationality. If someone is being emotional then they are not being rational.


"Ownership is theft" 1

1. Unknown

Why don't people feel connected to the environment?

Because they don't interact with it?

People spend hours on their computer, TV, indoors.

There is no local community.
"If your only tool is a hammer every tool looks like a nail" 1

1. Unknown